Nhajem – Nhahouse EP

We’re back! Hurricane Irma did a bit of a number on us as far as communications go and we’ve been a bit too busy for our small team to post regularly, but things are starting to get back on track. We wanted to kick things off with another artist feature or release spotlight so we’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Nhajem is a Florida based producer of minimal style tech house. He’s had a few releases on some labels and even done production for others but has recently decided to go out on his own adventure. The first stop on that journey appears to be his new project, aptly titled the Nhahouse EP.

The EP is a good introduction of his sound and what to expect from the budding producer. The tracks are well constructed and have a maturity to them, best exhibited by the arrangements and timing. We are introduced to instruments gradually but not in a way that is entirely predictable. This is something so crucial and often understated in minimal music styles. There must be some element of surprise, some tension and release that is not cliché or expected in order to keep things interesting.

The Nhahouse EP opens with a remix as a way to welcome a wider audience and it works well considering how the following track carries over some musical themes from the first and then completely subverts initial expectations within the first minute. The closing track is the most full sounding of the bunch and even has a proper melody line that arrives with a minimal drop, allowing the new sonic direction time to sink in before melting back into familiar territory.

Nhajem’s Nhahouse EP is out now on his SoundCloud and worth the listen for fans of minimal, tech house, or deep house. If you’ve ever been curious about any of those or similar styles, this is a great starting point.

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