Noer The Boy – Ganzfeld

The recent release of Noer The Boy’s “Ganzfeld” left our jaws on the floor. This EP embodies everything he has been working on and expands it further. He immediately sets the tone with Torch, laying out what to expect for a level of grit, experimentalism and weight. Nosferatu’s Castle and Vertigo Train use the same darkness and sizzle previously introduced and incorporates rhythms that my even bring in some old hip-hop heads. Songs like Zaroff and Tour hit hard and keep the audience moving… but constantly guessing what’s next.

As long time fans of Noer The Boy, this Division Records release sums up so much of his progress for us. His sound design now goes deeper than before and the arrangements are original and intriguing. The concepts are truly Noer’s style and you can hear plenty of hints in his older work alluding to what has become “Ganzfeld” but the real magic lies in some of his newer experiences. It seems he has grown from touring and collaborating. Despite all the different feels, this collection is cohesive and very entertaining to listen through. Check it out and experience it for yourself!

“The Ganzfeld EP represents my growth as an artist, focussing on rhythmic restraint, melodic development, and experimental sound design. The EP is named after the Ganzfeld Effect, a phenomenon caused by exposure to an unstructured and constant stimulation field. The brain attempts to fill the missing visual information by boosting neural noise, which results in hallucinations. The world that Ganzfeld exists in is a series of hallucinatory adventures, with each song being an episode in the journey.” – Noer the Boy

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