Funk de la Cueva X Golden Flora – Bloom

It’s #MusicMonday but it’s also Memorial Day! We hope all of you are enjoying the long weekend and spending quality time with friends and family. We’ve added some new members to our friends and family circle too. Golden Flora has teamed up with the dank basshead duo Funk De La Cueva, and in just a few days, we’ll be releasing their collaborative track called Bloom. We caught up with the boys for a bit of insight on the project. Bloom will be out Friday June 1st on all digital retailers.

S/M: How did you guys come up with your artist names?
GF: My name is actually a reference to the Fibonacci spiral, in other words the “golden ratio”
FDLC: I always went by Caveman, a name given to me by friends growing up because of the beard I have always sported. Leon would go by Leon the Funk aka Leon Funking. Eventually we merged the two to make CavemanFunking. We decided we needed to change it to something that rolls off the tongue better. Funk de la Cueva was a great change because not only did it continue to represent the collaboration we had, but the Spanish definitely pays homage to our hometown of Miami, FL

S/M: How long have you been making music for
GF: I’ve been playing bass guitar for 7 years and I’ve been producing for almost 3 years now.
FDLC: Leon and I have been making electronically produced music since high school, about 12 years now. Started with shitty learner’s beats to hip hop, dubstep, and now drum and bass.

 S/M: What prompted the collab? Any insight as to what was behind the song?
GF: Honestly, FDLC and I interacted through social media and we were liking each other’s stuff until Funk said “collab?” And I went “hell yah” and sent them some stems.
FDLC: We actually shared the stage with Golden Flora at a Strange Bass show. Pretty sure it was the one-year anniversary. Shortly after, he reached out to us and just asked, and we agreed.

S/M: The song is really progressive and is a bit of an ever-changing landscape. Was this done on purpose?
GF: Well, my music always takes you on a trip and FDLC already had that vibe so I think even if we planned it, it was going to come out somewhat like this.
FDLC: Ever since we decided to make drum and bass, we also decided to stray from the drop to drop template you’d expect from any kind of bass track. We’ve been making compositions that are ever evolving. Kind of like a house or techno track. Don’t stand and wait for something to happen. Let the carefully written piece carry you through it. Things will evolve on your journey and you may end up somewhere or you may just continue traveling through. Either way it’s beautiful. We knew Golden Flora was all about ambient textures and liquid synths and chord progressions so we headed the liquid route instead of our usual dark path, so we knew even before we started that it would have an uplifting feel.

S/M: Anything in particular you want the audience to feel or think about when they hear this song?
GF: Just get lost in it.
FDLC: Everyone will have a different listening experience relative to what’s going on in their life. I can say what I feel is that I am a dandelion growing, waiting to be mature enough to finally blow away into the air of a world ready to be discovered. Of course that’s pretty elaborate but all I ask is for the listener to drop their walls and be vulnerable for the duration. The feels will do the rest.

S/M: What was the creative process like? Were you all in the same room or pass stems back and forth?
GF: We couldn’t pass stems because of the difference in versions of Ableton so I went to Josh’s house 2 or 3 times altogether and it was an hour commute back and forth but it was totally worth it.
FDLC: Golden Flora sent us the initial stem bounce, we added to the composition and decided that we should meet up in person to continue.

S/M: What is your spirit animal?
GF: Panda Bear.
FDLC: I wouldn’t say animal, but our spirit entity is definitely Prometheus and Bob

S/M: When is the next time you’re going to be playing out?
GF: My next gig is Sadboy Saturday’s Vs Strange Bass at Kill Your Idol in Miami Beach and I almost cannot deal with the excitement.
FDLC: No scheduled events at the moment. We took a big break from playing out to focus on writing tunes and building our catalog.

S/M: Shameless plug time. Let everyone know the best way to hit you up if they like your tunes and want to hear more!
GF: Instagram DM @goldenfloramusic and email me at for more trippy sounds
FDLC: @funkdelacueva on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud and at


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