Darwin x Mainecoon – Isolated (w/ Akalex)

Darwin & Mainecoon have just released the lead single off their forthcoming “Tourists” EP. The single is called “Isolated” and also features Akalex. Tourists is a concept EP about a dystopian mirror dimension where our two producers attempt to escape to another Earth in order to freely express themselves. It’s a pretty cool twist on a familiar plot line. The song itself manages to surf along the outer edges of blending sound waves.

The opening synths wash over you nicely and then you’re greeted by some stabby riffs reminiscent of Disclosure. Just when you think you got it figured out, the percussion starts to flip and you’re treated to an incredibly creative drop with some club music influence. The whole tune carries really well. Instrumentation is classic, progressions are just right, and the production edits definitely keep things interesting. We can’t wait to hear the whole project! Tourists is coming out soon on Cascade Records.

FANLINK: https://fanlink.to/darwinXmainecoon-isolated

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