Master Feathers & Speed Tech

Tech house is somewhat synonymous with Detroit, Chicago, Miami and of course the UK. The Miami variant of tech house can be heard pumping from the walls of 5 out of 3 clubs along downtown and the beach. It’s everywhere. The more minimalistic mixing style tends to appeal to a more niche audience that seems to have found itself in resurgence in the Miami local music scene. So what’s next?

Enter Master Feathers. As a member of the Bermuda Triangle Family, he’s performed around the world with Otto Von Schirach. He has also started to make a splash on his own recently in the fashion and house music scene. He’s managed to take extremely beautiful, vocal and melodic tech house songs and speed them up into a new genre. “Speed Tech” as he calls it, essentially picks up where Nightcore leaves off. Taking the minimalistic, sometimes droning stylings of tech house and jamming a pound of coke up it’s nose.

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