Chee – Read Once Then Destroy

It has been 2 years since Fear Monger blew our minds, and with a slow but steady drip of projects, Chee has certainly kept our attention. Once we heard about the project with Inspected we were ecstatic because this is a collective we respect and admire. They are certainly pushing the wave of blending music, art, and fashion.

This 4 track EP from Chee not only travels though some incredibly intricate soundscapes, but also arrives accompanied by custom art work and 12 new pieces from Inspected. You can shop the collection HERE. It also came with some cryptic paperwork and images. After a few days of failed attempts of steganography, we’ve called it quits. If anyone has had any success, please let us know.

The whole record has this ominous feeling, as if you’re climbing in to (or out of) the glitching electronic forest of digital hell. Bass swamp rivers and murky atmospheric sounds get twisted with distorted vocals and loose effects that make the whole project sound like the .WAV files might become sentient and attack you. This is a definite must stream.

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