Madame Ki – Afiladora

Miami has no shortage of talented musicians. However, in the global scheme of things, they seem to get over generalized and lumped into one category. To get to the essence and the true diversity, you have to visit the underground. Enter Madame Ki.

The former lead vocalist for fusion band Artisan Soul, Madame Ki is finally ready to strike out on her own. Her new single “Afiladora” is littered with deep over-saturated bass, unapologetic lyrics, and sprinkled with that Westchester Miami flavor. The track itself is both empowering and relatable, since in just about every frame, there is something representative of Miami living. We can draw some parallels to Princess Nokia’s “Brujas” but there is no debating this is 100% a Miami product especially with that amazing break around the 2:20 mark. This track is a must listen!

We got a chance to interview her for our new radio show “Strange Waves” about the new song, the new mission, and being a female artist in the scene. Listen back to the interview here.

Want to see the amazing visuals? Check them out below!

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