Que Bola Podcast Interview with Golden Flora

The homie Darwin of the Miami lifestyle blog Fresh Or Phresh runs a pretty interesting podcast called “Que Bola” which features a lot of Miami locals putting on for their scenes and taking about their path, their work, and what’s next. This episode features Golden Flora, who’s had a pretty interesting come up so far and is taking his music to new levels with his newest EP called “Natural” out now on Future Everything Records. Check out the interview below and get to know more about the project, as well as some in-depth details about his process and live set up!

More about the record:

The word “natural” is harder and harder to define the more civilization evolves with our own tools and technologies. Golden Flora’s debut 6-track EP, Natural, is inspired by this idea as he guides the listener through a spiritual trip of our current times that attempts to evoke a psychedelic and out of body experience.

Mixed by: Golden Flora
Mastered by: Future-Everything
Artwork by: St. Francis Elevator Ride


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