Thugwidow – Ambivalent Voices

In the past year, there has definitely been a resurgence of that 90’s warehouse rave sound, including jungle samples and patterns. With it has come a new evolution of dance music sub-genres. Maybe a little darker, and meaner, but still hella danceable. Thugwidow does this by pairing vintage sounds with new layering techniques and experimental song arrangements. These are long tracks. While they have plenty of good mix points for DJs, they’re best meant to transport you to the world of you thoughts by letting them bleed into one another in a jungle drenched bass mantra.

In Thugwidow`s own words:
“My time living in London was a strange experience, I’ve never really felt like I fit in anywhere and in a city where everyone is struggling to identify and is constantly stressed anyone can fit in. A ghostly hollow world full of emptiness and counterproductive attitudes and emotions, all amassing around me, constantly, inescapable, yet warm, all supported like penguins close to freezing near the edge but soon absorbed into the soft warming middle.
This album very much sums up my attempt at a new part of my life, one that if I’m honest I could have done without, but it was a catalyst for change. Maybe when you blend in to a sea of identical people and lose some of your identity you can see what your problems really are.
So the album has a slightly synthetic feel, a chaotic feel and a uniform feel, it is to be played late at night when you can’t or don’t want to sleep. It is a reminder that as a cog in a giant machine you can be embraced and don’t need to be special, but on your own you can be whoever you want to be. You cannot escape the thoughts and wants of others, so embrace conformity when it rears it’s head, find the flaws in yourself rather than everyone else.”

‘Ambivalent Voices’ is out Nov 29 on limited cassette and digital everywhere.

Release type: Limited Cassette / Digital (all formats)

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