High Times and Smooth Hits with LAMEBOT & LAUTLOS Granddaddy Purp

The current music industry is bursting at the seams with throwbacks and references to yesteryears sounds so it’s not uncommon for contemporary musicians to take a shot at moulding outmoded genres. Unfortunately, many of the artists who attempt this feat stink of complete insincerity. This is not the case with LAMEBOT & Lautlos on Granddaddy Purp.

A collaboration between two of Miami’s premium DJs, Granddaddy Purp is an energetic combination of sweet nostalgic sounds modernized by an innovative electronic twist. As you may have guessed, the tracks title also references the bud strain of the same name, which is fitting for such a smooth and dreamlike composition.

Boasting a soundscape of familiarity mixed with ingenuity, you’ll find that this is the kind of music that can be played just about anywhere from raves to relaxing afternoons. Hell… this is the kind of stuff even your grandmother would dig on (provided that your grandmother knows how to hit a blunt). I implore you to dim the lights, sit back in your easy chair and have a relaxing evening with LAMEBOT and Lautlos – Granddaddy Purp

Review by Adam Plant

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