About Us

Strange Media Productions does not do normal well. We are an artist collective that is eagerly pushing our art forms to new levels.

We are Strange. While we may not always have the prettiest edges, or the shiniest paint, you can rest assured our intentions are pure. We are an artist collective forged in the same ideals. Drawing from both the Bauhaus and Dada movements, we hold these truths to be self-evident:
Art can be learned | Art subsists beyond the artist | There is no “Normal” | Intent and perspective is everything
Compromise is not an option in what we do. We push ourselves to know our limits, only to break past them. We force each other to put for forth our best efforts and then double down. We want you to challenge the notion of artistic creativity and the very definition of art and it’s purpose in society. We are everything you wanted to shout but instead mumbled under your breath in your own thoughts. We are not little boxes made of ticky-tacky, on the hillside, or all the same. We are Strange… and we like it
– Stay Weird

“Nothing Normal”

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