Black-Tokyo Musik

With a back catalog that stretches longer than most people’s careers, it’s easy to see Black-Tokyo Musik is one of the most prolific hip-hop beat makers out. Black-Tokyo has maintained a strong presence in the underground / independent hip-hop scene since 2006, although likely even earlier than that and under several different aliases. With an unrelenting sound, reminiscent of golden-era boom-bap, ‘Black-Tokyo Musik’ creates an aura that engulfs his beats and the listener.
His first EP to get a label release came in 2012 under Sassbologna with the “Strange Bologna EP”. 2014 saw Tokyo team up with Uncommon Nasa for a track that would be featured on his “New York Telephone” album. This, along with a prior collaborations since 2012, lead to Uncommon Nasa releasing “Halfway” the very next year, a project that was entirely produced by Black-Tokyo Musik. As the vocalist for “P∆PER †ØMB$” and the production half of “Pistol Opera Agency” Black-Tokyo seems poised to further his reach into new realms.




  • Produced “Don’t Die” featured on The “Early Life of ADAM” released via Uncommon Records (03.20.12)
  • Strange Bologna EP” releases via Sassbologna Records (04.17.12)
  • Produced “The War On Bicycles” featured on The “Land of the Way It Is” released via Uncommon Records (08.06.13)
  • Produced “This Bodega (Is Trying to Kill Me)” featured on The “New York Telephone” released via Uncommon Records (08.26.14)
  • Lead vocals for “P∆PER †OMB$” debut EP released by Strange Media (05.01.15)
  • Produced the album “Halfway” for Uncommon Nasa released via Uncommon Records (10.13.15)

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