Hungry Ghost

Seeming to appear out of nowhere in 2013, “Hungry Ghost” has quietly become a steady contributor to the Strange Media cause. Representing beings that are driven by intense emotional needs in an animalistic way, the music is mellow and drenched in sub bass and melancholic emotions. All the tracks are highlighted by the impassioned yet lonely tone of the Hungry Ghost piano. By maintaining a minimalistic approach to production that gets tighter with every outing, Hungry Ghost is feeling comfortable in (or out of) his own skin. It is said that Hungry Ghost is able to merge with and inhabit the shadow of another being.




  • Strange Media debut, “Dimness EP” released May 2013
  • A year in the making, “Shadows EP” is released May 2014 on Strange Media
  • Live collab performance with LAMEBOT in Long Island, NY Recorded as “Understand The Light” and released December 2014
  • Hungry Ghost releases the more veiled and somber “So The Darkness…” December 2015
  • More organic sounds are present juxtaposed against industrial and electronic elements in the “Ethereal” EP which marked a slight tonal shift and released April 10, 2016