Megan Piedra

Megan Piedra is a south Florida native with a bachelor degree in Art from Florida International University. Her concentration is in drawing with charcoal and graphite, and mixed media work. Natural and organic matter such as trees and rustic textures are a main source of inspiration. Many of her ideas and pieces stem from the complexity and strength found in natural structures and subjects. It is raw and organically fueled; it reveals the intricate beauty of the withering process and how the circle of life and death is continuously revolving.
The artist hopes to open others eyes on the effects of environmental changes, and the personal reflections that every individual’s character questions.Possession of an ongoing pull is often reflected in her work. It often varies from inconsistencies in location, to distance from loved ones, to internal self-evaluations and potential. Much of her work represents a sense of abandonment, and how insecurity lingers.

“Within every loss, another idea and chance is born to life. I try to make this ever present with the usage of muted, decaying and organic objects, and hope to show the purpose all nature holds before it returns to the earth.” – Megan Piedra