Emblematic, with a unique voice and delivery, Boston emcee ‘Pastense’ has proved time and again that words can be paintings. Long time collaborations with New York producers Willie Green and Uncommon Nasa have helped define the audio textures under his flow, but the vocal patterns and grit are ubiquitous in every track. Words are densely packed in and delivered with a “brick-wall cadence” that aid in helping the tracks stay with you long after they have stopped playing.
With previous releases scattered across several labels, Pastense has made his presence known in the growing progressive hip-hop scene. Records with Willie Green have allotted for several collaborations with notable emcees. Pastense has also found himself on Uncommon Records a few times, which has lead to a solid working relationship with turntablist and now Strange Media label mate, Shortrock.



  • Broken Poems – Pastense/Willie Green 2006
  • The Proof – Willie Green 2006
  • Radio – Willie Green 2007
  • Deleted Scenes – Super Chron Flight Brothers 2009
  • Spare Laces – Willie Green 2010
  • Cape Verde – Super Chron Flight Brothers 2010
  • Paper Seatbelts – Pastense/Willie Green 2011
  • The Cost of Living – Backwoodz Studioz 2011
  • Days of Future Past – Willie Green 2012
  • Good Will Cutting – Pastense/Shortrock/Uncommon Nasa 2016
  • Doc Savage – Willie Green 2016