Not many people would be able to turn a career ending injury into something positive, enter ‘Shortrock’. As a street skater sponsored by Vans and Girl skateboards, he snapped his left arm and had it surgically repaired by the addition of metal plates. This injury forced him to not only to shift his focus back to music, but also caused him to alter his style, from hand placements to turntable height adjustments.
With numerous releases under “Uncommon Records” and “Paramanu Recordings”, ‘Shortrock’ has become a well-established fixture of the northeast indie hip-hop community. With a style all his own, he manages to craft sounds in a manner that truly tells a story, and all this from his turntables. About as live as a turntable produced record can get, he is a sought after commodity when it comes to injecting life into tracks through scratches and samples.




  • First solo EP “Propaganda, Existence & Music EP Turntable Compositions Vol. 1” releases on vinyl through “Paramanu Recordings” June 2007
  • Featured in an article by the Boston Globe Feb 16, 2008
  • “Propaganda, Existence & Music EP Turntable Compositions Vol. 1” re-released on Strange Media June 2015


“He stands out from the bunch with his all-real gold rope chain that he rocks 24/7, his awkward scratch position, and his style of cutting.” – Crayon Beats

“This record is an incredible testament to his precision and dedication and will require various listens after you realize that he made the whole thing without the aid of looping.” – Strange Media

“An extremely technically proficient and creative turntablist, Shortrock’s four new tracks focus on the instrumentation of the tables, with mad techniques and abstract sounds effects showcased.” –